elektronik für den modellbau

electronics for model-making

DIS, the advanced Digital Ignition System

Since several years we are in the market with our GlowControl system with very big success and have revolutionised the market in this segment.

As we are linked to the model making market and especially to the model engines it was close to develop an intelligent  ignition system. We took this challenge and after 1,5 years of development we can present (mid 2010) the result





DIS, this stands for Digital Ignition System.

DIS stands also for

  • Durable
  • Innovative
  • Stable

Why does DIS was developed? Most of the gas engines are supplied already with an ignition system.....

We all know that very often there are problems with these systems and the OEM ignition systems can not be repaired. In case of problems the customer is very often left alone with the problem. A new ignition system needs to be bought.

That’s our point:

Our target was to develop a very reliable system which does not “just keep the motor running” but has a high ignition power which is unique in the market. Each ignition system is tested under 8 bar / 116 psi. This guarantees a save run and do not collapse with an oily spark plug.
Furthermore you should know what your ignition system is doing. Is the advance curve active? Was the RPM limiter active during the last flight? In the ignition battery low? If so, you will get a warning even the plane is airborne.

If you have missed one or more of these functions you certainly should continue reading.

In addition we offer of course our already famous after sales service. Our GlowControl customers already appreciate this. The ignition system should support after some years a different motor? No problem, we will program for you a new ignition curve (if necessary) and DIS is ready for your new motor. You do not need to buy a new ignition system.

What does characterise DIS ?

  1. DIS is a completely digital and micro controller based.
  2. DIS is housed in a metal  boxt.
  3. When starting the engineDIS ign ited in the top dead centre (TDC) and avoids the flipping back of the motor/propeller.
  4. DIS has a constant high ignition voltage up to approximately 20000 RPM.
  5. The software of DIS can be flashed. No one-way system.
  6. We offer 3 years warranty for DIS as we do for all our products.
  7. DIS is 100% MADE IN GERMANY. We do not manufacture in Far East!


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