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electronics for model-making


GlowControl is a unique  glow plug control / heating, based on latest microprocessor technology. GlowControl will help you to save money, to increase the operating safety of your model considerably and to offer each pilot an unprecedented comfort.
From a free-programmable throttle position and via an additional electr. battery GlowControl  heats proportional  the glow plug up to idling position where the maximum heating is reached and therefore glowing is strongest. That’s operates a process, adapted to the ignition temperature and therefore, an ideal flow of burning for the overall motor torque, especially in the low range speed segment. Additionally, the transition from low to high speed is influenced positively and all this with an extreme small consumption of energy and a minimum of weight.
GlowControl by rainbow-tronic is signalizing by the following attributes:

Freely programmable and storage of the glow range
For this reason programming of the range respectively necessary animation of the throttle control after each power up of the receiver is dropped.  With  GlowControl the glow range is stored per keypress once. No Poti adjustments or the like are necessary!
The best: At all time the glow range can be adapted and modified individually because each motor is different.

An external glow battery is not necessary
 Due to GlowControl you start your motor directly without an external glow battery.

Initiation of the starting mode via animation of the throttle control or pushbutton  (if necessary)
 You do not start your motor in idling position where the glow plug control providing the biggest power? No problem. GlowControl can be switched over to continuing glow at any time even if your model is up in the air!!
In fact, GlowControl makes alive during the flight cylinder of the flat twin or in-line-motor that „fallen asleep“!!

Status-LED informs about the actual operating condition
 You will get to know the actual GlowControl status.  An additional start-up pilot lamp is not necessary.

Safety First
GlowControl disposes of enourmous FailSafe – functions as for instance:
 POSM ® No glowing after power up of the receiver indifferent to the throttle control position (absolute saftey aspect!). Protects fingers and keep emptily storage batteries.
If no valid signals come from the receiver GlowControl shut-off the glowing.
Transmitter turned-off , receiver still powered? GlowControl shut-off the glowing and informs about the  status-LED.

Only 1 battery cell per glow plug
 GlowControl only needs 1 battery cell per glow plug (1 and 2 cylinder version). That’s save weight opposite to other products.

Cofiguration of glow plug current
Via jumper the glow current can be easily configured according to your individual belongings.

Equal to no heat development of the power amplifier by LowOhm technique
 The small thevenin resistance of the power amplifier by a few  Milliohm  cares for hardly any heat development. Special arrangements at installation of  GlowControl (as cooling, position) are not necessary.

Multiple glow plugs can be connected
 The standard version of GlowControl can supply up to 2 glow plugs and no appreciable heat development occurs. GlowControl flat-4 is available for 4-Cylinder-Motors, GlowControl 5* and GlowControl 7* for radial motors!!!!

Compact Design (35 x 55 mm)
 For the enourmous scope of services GlowControl is amazing small-sized and as no special installation steps have to be considered GlowControl is suitable for nearly each model.

Receiver supply voltage
 GlowControl cooperates with 4 or 5 cell receiver batteries. The supply voltage is detected automatically, indifferent if a full 4 cell or an empty 5 cell is attached. The supply voltage range  may be situated between 3,5V and 8V. Both NiCd and NiMH cells can be used.

Receiver battery control
 GlowControl also controls the voltage of the receiver battery.On lower deviation of 4,45V this will be stored and after landing of the model  indicated via the status-LED.

rainbow-tronic grant a warranty period of 36 months instead of the legal 24 months! Furthermore, you have the option to send in and to update your module free of charge provided that available.For this purpose you will be informed by email.

Operating manual
Upon receipt of GlowControl also a multilateral illustrated operating and configuration manual is included.


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