elektronik für den modellbau

electronics for model-making


We are a new and ambitious company which feels comfortable in the range of electronics for pretentiously airplane model construction. Because we also take active part in airplane model construction and aviation we can resort to a broad experience and know all that matters.

•Absolute reliable and considered technique
•Universal range of application
•Easy handling
•Modern control conveniences
•Low power drain
•Favourable price

We do not intend to bring close our products and reveal its advantages but explain the process that matters.  Thus, you are able to evaluate and to catch sight of the product’s advantages.
As we have vet our products a long time we grant a warranty period of 36 months instead of the legal 24 months. Furthermore , within the first year a gratis software update is included in the price of our GlowControl.
 Now, have fun to surf our website.  We hope that you will find all necessary information your are looking for and would be glad to welcome you as a customer. Come to see us again as our homepage as well as our products will be extended constantly. Tips and animation are highly appreciated.

Uwe Kemmler

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