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Elektronik für Modellmotoren
Electronics for model engines
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The number of engines which are already equipped with a DIS system from us is "incredible" long and we want to save to create a several page long list.
Here a small list of engine manufactures whose engines we already have equipped with our DIS systems.
Of cause, this list is never complete and will grove constantly.  If you do not find your engine, please call us.
  • 3W, with actual or old sensor, single cylinder, inline, boxer
  • AdV, single cylinder, inline, radials
  • Airen, radials
  • Artus Motors, V12
  • ASP, single cylinder, boxer, radials
  • BFM, single cylinder
  • DA, DLE, DLA, single cylinder, boxer
  • Gaui, single cylinder
  • Kavan, boxer
  • King, single cylinder, boxer
  • Kolm, single cylinder, inline, boxer
  • Laser,
    single cylinder,
  • Meiss, inline
  • Moki, single cylinder, radials
  • OS Motoren,
    single cylinder, boxer, radials

  • RCGF,
    single cylinder, boxer
  • Roto, boxer
  • Saito Motoren, single cylinder, boxer, radials
  • SaWo, boxer
  • Seidel, radials
  • Solo, inline
  • Valach, boxer
  • Webra, single cylinder
  • Zenoah ZG-Motoren,
    single cylinder, boxer
  • ZDZ,
    single cylinder, boxer
We are also partner for hobby builder, who make single piece engines or small series.
Also here our portfolio last from single cylinder to V12 engines. We plan with you sensor mounting, ignition sequence, etc. to make sure the engine runs well.
After-image a little selection of engines from a hobby builder. Special features of these engines: Water-cooled and more than 13000 RPM at the crank shaft!
3-Zylinder Reihe
V4 Motor
V6 Motor
More pictures from other hobby engine builders.
14-cylinder radial engine,
complete self construction.
equipped with 2 DIS 7* systems.
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