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Elektronik für Modellmotoren
Electronics for model engines
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Description DIS

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DIS, that stands for Digital Ignition System

We have developed DIS, as many model builders encounter problems with their standard ignition system and an original spare part system is extremely expensive.
Our target was not just to develop a replacement ignition system, but also to create a lot of improvements. Some of them are even not "visible" for the customers.
Full ignition power over the full RPM range
We guarantee this, therefore e.g. at radial engines the lower cylinders do not fail.
Multi-Spark function
When starting the engine several sparks are generated one after the other in a some millisecond distance. This improves the start performance and idle speed significant.

LED for status display
You can see, what the ignition system is doing as well as in diagnostic mode to test/adjust the sensor.

Software and ignition curves
We have developed more than 100 different ignition curves for different engines. In case you want to use DIS at a different engine we are able to change the curve.

36 month warranty

Top service
We do not only sell systems. In case of questions or problems we are here to support you.
100% Made In Germany
We produce everything in Germany and not in low-wage counties.

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