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Elektronik für Modellmotoren
Electronics for model engines
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July 2020
  • The German VAT reduction down to 16% is passed through to our customer.

June 2020
  • New Website was lauched.
  • New Online shop was lauched.

November 2020
  • Telemetry output included.

Dezember 2021
  • Problems with PowerBoxSystems ignition switches
    During the past weeks we heard about problems with our ignition systems for radial engines if they were driven via an ignition switches for Messrs. PowerBoxSystems (SparkSwitch and SparkSwitchPro).
    After switching on the power supply the switches got hot and the ignition systems were not supplied with the necessary current/voltage.
    Together with PowerBox Systems we evaluated the problem, but unfortunately there is no easy solution available.
    SparkSwitch und SparkSwitchPro are no real electronic switches in classic meaning, but controlled voltage regulators. Even if SparkSwitch or SparkSwitchPro are configured for 3S batteries the voltage regulator remain active. As they are designed for a current of 2A/2A, but our ignitions systems pulls a much higher current for less than 1 millisecond, the voltage regulator of SparkSwitch und SparkSwitchPro falls into current limitation and drops the output voltage down to 2-3V.
    With this low voltage the micro controllers and the high-voltage generators do not boot up and undefined conditions are the result, which can harm or damage the ignition system.
    We strongly advise you against to use SparkSwitch and SparkSwitchPro units in combination with out ignition system for radial engines and we refuse any warranty.
    In case of questions feel free to contact us.

August 2023
  • From now on 3-cylinder radial ignition systems DIS3* für SAITO FG xxR3 engines are equipped with a special software, which compensates the misalignment of the Top Dead Center (TDC) of cylinder 2 + 3, compared to cylinder 1. This will effect a better running engine and a correct ignition point for all cylinders.
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