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Description of GlowControl

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GlowControl is a unique glow plug control / heating device, based on latest microprocessor technology. GlowControl will help you to save money, to increase the operating safety of your model considerably and to offer each pilot an unprecedented comfort.
From a free-programmable throttle position and via an additional battery GlowControl heats proportional the glow plug up to idling position where the maximum heating is reached and therefore glowing is strongest. That’s operates a process, adapted to the ignition temperature and therefore, an ideal flow of burning for the overall motor torque, especially in the low range speed segment. Additionally, the transition from low to high speed is influenced positively and all this with an extreme small consumption of energy and a minimum of weight.
Since our GlowControl system is established in the market over 15 years with a flawless reputation, we do not need to explain all the technical details, function and advantages. In case of any question please feel free to contact us.
Glow plug cables
When using an automatic glow plug heater only cables with a screw joint are reliable. Contacts driven by a spring can create interferences and blown glow plugs.

For most of the engines our GPC cable can be used. For all radial engines of Saito, Seidel, UMS, Techno Power this standard cable can be used.
4-stroke engines from OS, independent if single cylinder engines or multi cylinder engines need the special cable GPC-S, as the glow plugs of these engines are installed deep in the cylinder head and the standard cable cannot be fastened.
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