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Our multi-cylinder ignition system for inline-, radial- and V- engines are newly equipped with a RPM output for telemetry systems. With this signal the speed signal of the ignition is given to an existing telemetry module and can read and display of the radio system.
In case the ignition system is reading the speed information from the cam shaft / cam drum, the indicated speed is just 50% of the crank shaft. This is, for example, the case with Moki radial enginers.

Here you find the diagram of the potential free circuit RPM output of the ignition system

The following table shows the assignment of the 2 wires (blue and gray) for the telemetry systems of different suppliers.
Please note, we can not supply the information of all systems in the market, especially we we need the support of the manufacturer of the radio systems.
This table will be extended frequently, as soon as we receive proven information or tested configurations.
Hersteller / Manufacturer
Modul / Module
Zuordnung / Assignment
Besonderheiten / Comments
JetiMRPM HallBLAU/BLUE => Minus
GRAU/GREY => Signal
Plug and Play
Multiplex[RPM]- SENSOR
#8 5415

No information yet
GraupnerHOTT- General Air Module

No information yet

No information yet

No information yet
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